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I can’t feel a thing. Can’t feel. Can’t feel a thing.
—Frank Ocean, Novacane (via perfectionisodd)


Isn’t it beautiful how two worlds meet and love?
When you admire just because
they’re tender and beautiful and rigid just like you want,

She said she missed me and I was right there next to her. I’m not sure how that can be. Maybe I’m not what I was. Maybe now I’m only some body.
—(via perfectionisodd)
radical--notions sent: Hey! I just want to say you take really beautiful photos and you're stunning. Also I recently started sketching people again and i've been sketching things and people from tumblr and I found a photo or two of you as reference. Not to mention, your writing is always simple and sincere. I guess i just wanted to say you're truly a phenomenal person :)

I saw that sketch! I’m glad you tagged me in it. Thank you.

collyfornia sent: I'm the one who complimented your writings I didn't mean to make it anonymous, and how embarrassing because I make a grammatical error as I'm complimenting you on writing. Lol anyways just thought you should know.

haha we all make them. Thank you so much!

lifeishellasick sent: I live in NC :( if only I lived closer!

That’s not that far if I’m ever in that area I’ll let you know.