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Truth is, I’m a fucking romantic. I’m difficult but I promise - I’m not boring.

Amy Winehouse

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Anonymous sent: Okie das good just checking. :o


tinyelric sent: Are you alright? I've noticed a tendency of less happy over time in your posts. :(

I actually have been doing very well and am in a very good place these days I just haven’t been super active on here. Thank you for asking though! ❤



You’re always trying to blur the lines but I know not to cross them
I know there is no place for us outside the welcome mat of your door
here I am yours but I go home alone

I guess I’m too much of a pussy to say just what I want

                  and how I want it


                  none of this inconspicuous nonsense. 

But I


don’t know what I want.

I alone answer my questions

with the runaround,

I’ve lost my goal. 

Even this side of the mat doesn’t feel like home.