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Anonymous sent: Are you dating him again?


Yesterday I spent time with my ex, I used to spend like 5 days a week at his house for 2 years. His bathroom has a huge mirror and I always used to get out of the shower and stand there and pick myself apart in that mirror, because my eating issues were at their worst around that time. And maybe it is just the place and the fact that when he and I spend time together every time it’s as if we are living in a day from 2 years ago, like things never changed, we get along and we laugh and nothing is awkward because we are who know each other best and things are good despite everything that has happened we usually don’t even talk about the things that have we’re just normal. So I walked into the bathroom and looked in that same mirror and I was actually surprised in a way as if I expected to see the person I was 2 years ago looking back. It was the strangest experience to be in this familiar place again, but to be such a changed human now, in every aspect.


Eggs Benedict and French toast. A good start to a probably stressful day.

Wow lets go on a date
Anonymous sent: How did we miss that? What happened between you two? Are you still with the girl?

Lol what I was never dating a girl hahaha ha